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Yes this image pretty much sums it up! I can’t imagine my life without my little terrors but it is the hardest thing i have ever done!!! 

I never thought i would hear myself say that but it is so true!! I used to wonder what all the fuss was about when i was living my life for the weekend! 


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Hello to anyone who has stumbled across my blog! Please bear with me as i am totally new to this and therefore liable to mess up big time!!!

I am currently sat typing this whilst playing referee between my 2 year old and 6 month old. My eldest has a habit of getting a little bit too boisterous so supervision is required at all times!!! If only my little one wouldn’t encourage him by laughing at everything he does…

Anyway i hope you will find it an interesting read. I will be updating this as often as i possibly can, i do still do nightshift with my youngest ( that’s another topic!) so will probably be posting at all hours!!  thanks for visiting x